Initial Dental Exam

Initial Dental Exam

Were you amazed that your dentist took a complete dental history at your first visit? That’s because understanding your dental position is the first step of a dental exam. Through this probing, the dentists try to get to the real cause of the problem before starting any treatment. The dentists check the health of your teeth and gums with the help of the dental history that you provide. It also clarifies the treatment procedure your teeth would need. Therefore, it is one of the preventive measures dentists use for your oral well-being. At Truth General Dentistry, the initial oral exam is a mandatory procedure. It plays an important part in building a good dentist-patient relationship.​

The process of an Initial Dental Exam

Firstly, our dentists would like to understand your dental health position. They would determine your dental needs and support required from experts. Subsequently, our experts will inspect your teeth and gums. As a procedure, the expert will take a digital X-Ray to identify any decaying tooth or any other root problem you might be having.

After taking an X-Ray and noting records, the dentists will start with the cleaning process with a scaler. Gum pockets are also checked to know the health of the gums. The last step is to polish the teeth for a brighter smile as its results suggest further treatments. 


The findings of Initial Dental Exam

After the procedure is complete, the dentist will review the findings and will share the results with you. The dentists will then suggest preventive measures to improve your dental health. Our team at Truth General Dentistry will also explain the options for treatments so that you would understand what suits best for you. Once you choose the treatment option, our dentist will give a follow-up date to cure teeth problems such as tooth decay and gum diseases. In case of any severe dental issues, the dentist would suggest frequent visits. There might be treatments identified that might need a dental specialist.

Why have an Initial Dental Exam

An oral exam helps to maintain the overall health of a person. There are many diseases the symptoms of which appear in the mouth, such as oral cancer, or diabetes. The dentists suggest a health specialist if such signs are visible in the oral exam. This would lead to taking treatments to keep your teeth and gums healthy.

Seeking professional help

Many people, due to anxiety, prefer not to visit a dentist. However, to maintain overall health, it is necessary that you take care of your oral health. Therefore, even if you experience the slightest pain in your mouth and teeth, prefer visiting your dentist.

At Truth General Dentistry, the dentists suggest measures to avoid severe issues through an Initial Dental Exam. Our team would also be happy to discuss with you any concerns you have before or after the treatment. For consulting our experts and getting the treatment, call our office today or visit us at our office. 


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