The aftermath of any dental treatment may seem scarier than the actual procedure itself. Some may have severe pain in the neck; others may complain of fever. Many may complain of a headache after oral surgery, a root canal, a dental filling, dental crown, or even after tooth extraction. A headache is quite common in most of the cases of wisdom tooth removal. The headache after tooth extraction may subside, and the person may be at ease later. But the reasons associated with pain should be known for proper treatment.

Lack of Proper Food Intake

Sometimes, after tooth extraction, people may not be able to eat properly for days. Lack of proper meals may be a reason for the headaches. However, people at times fail to associate their headaches with any of the other factors. As it is a headache after tooth extraction; therefore, they are quick to blame their dentist for having done a glitch during the removal.

Pulling of the nerves

Inflammation or infection is common to occur after tooth extraction. But the nerves may also get removed alongside the tooth during the extraction process. As nerves in the mouth link with other parts of the face, these affect the head and cause a headache.

Disturbance of the Joints

Keeping the mouth open for a prolonged time can also contribute to the pain-causing factors. There are joints in the mouth that connect to the skull. Therefore, continuous opening and closing of the mouth may disturb the bones leading to pain in them. The pain may start in one of the jaws, which leads to a headache.

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